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ACI 355.2

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Dear Colleagues:

I have been following with interest the recent seaint dialogue regarding the new ACI 355.2 qualification criteria for post-installed anchors.

ACI 355.2 is the culmination of a long-term, consensus effort to establish technically sound criteria for evaluating the performance of different types of post-installed anchors, and for assigning understrength factors based on that performance. While conscientious engineers may differ about details of this new standard, its fundamental performance criteria should not be controversial. ACI 355.2 simply requires that an acceptable post-installed anchor exhibit stable behavior; that it not be too sensitive to variations in conditions of installation or service; and that it demonstrate some ability to function adequately in cracks, unless it can be demonstrated that the concrete into which the anchor is placed will probably not crack.

As an engineer who has tested and designed anchor bolts for many years, and as a member of ACI Committee 355, I would invite those interested in exploring the technical issues involved in ACI 355.2 to contact me personally, and to come to the next meeting of ACI Committee 355, which will take place on March 25, 2001, in conjunction with the ACI Convention in Philadelphia. More information on the meeting venue and schedule is given through the ACI web site.

								Regards, Richard Klingner

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