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Re: 1950 Rebar

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For marine structures, particularly those in contact with sea water, the
3" cover is standard. In India, most marine structures are supported by
concrete piles, and they all have 3" concrete cover. The rebar coating
(Fusion bonded epoxy, other types) are suggested in addition to
specifications of concrete cover, dense concrete, min. cement content,
max. water/cement ratio etc, the need for which I am unable to ascertain
or justify.

Incidentally, structures totally immersed in sea water do not get
sufficient oxygen, and the rate of corrosion is low. The problem is more
with components in the tidal/wave region, which are alternately wet and

M. Hariharan
Engineers India Limited
New Delhi, India

Rlfong(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I would strongly suspect the amount of cover over the rebar in a
> marine structure is part of the key towards the integrity as well as
> the better aggregates available to our forefathers.  I coredrilled a
> structure that had been immersed in seawater from 1924 to 1986,  and
> found it held 2500 psi,  rusted but largely intact rebar area,  and 3"
> cover.  Newer structures with less than 3" cover did not fare as well.

Fremont, CA