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Re: 28 February 2001 Nisqually Earthquake - any storage rack damage?

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I believe that there was some damage at some storage facilities.  I seem
to recall it being mentioned at a presentation about the earthquake at the
BSSC annual meeting.  The presentation was obiviously brief in nature, so
this item passed fairly quickly.  I believe that typically the problem
with the storage racks was that they were too heavily loaded and this was
not considered in their "design".  Again keep in mind that I am going from
memory and it is getting worse as the years pass by <grin>.  You might try
contacting Ron Hamburger who gave the presentation.

I also did a quick look through the EERI preliminary recon report
(available on  I did not see anything there, but the prelim
report is very brief.

Hope that helps,


On Sat, 17 Mar 2001, Haan, Scott M. wrote:

> Was there any storage rack damage - failures in the February 28 Nisqually
> Earthquake?
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