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1950 Rebar

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I have heard of using working stress design with a cap on allowable stress
in steel around 10 ksi in order to improve watertightness in structures
where watertightness was desired.  Seems to make some sense, you end up
with more steel, less cracks, and a perhaps a greater degree of overdesign
than with typical strength design.

> This leads me to wonder if the limitation on maximum stresses in the
rebar is
> the basic reason for the durability! Less cracks, less chloride ingress
and less
> corrosion. I have heard some friends who had inspected some old marine
> structures state that even in places where the concrete had spalled due
to other
> reasons, round (not deformed) bars had shown remarkably few signs of
> It has led me to wonder if, for marine structures, the ASD approach with
> steel limiting stress would be a better choice compared to limit state
> with exotic specifications and coatings for reinforcement. Any feedbacks
> be welcome. TIA

> M. Hariharan
> Engineers India Limited