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28 February 2001 Nisqually Earthquake - any storage rack damage?

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I inspected over 2 dozen properly designed and permitted installations
immediately after the earthquake, and have 289+ projects in the area. I saw
no significant damage, and very minor problems in Olympia, near the
epicenter. I have had no reports of any problems in the other projects, and
do not expect any. And given these litigious times, I am certain I would
have heard something by now.

Did storage racks fail? You bet they did. In droves. An engineer in my
office spent 6 days up there after the earthquake just inspecting and
stabilizing failed systems. He's going back up tomorrow to tackle anther

What's the difference? The failed ones weren't even close to satisfying
code, and were bootlegged with neither engineering nor permits. The
properly done ones performed very well indeed.

Unfortunately, no one seems to try to find out the difference. They see one
failed rack, and condemn them all.

The code seems to work, all we need do is properly enforce what we have.


Peter Higgins