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RE: ACI 355.2

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An interesting view. However, I respectfully disagree.

I don't need ITW or anyone else to generate an atmosphere of fear. The very
thought of my having hundreds of thousands of these things out there,
specified with the best of intentions, and based on firm assurances from
ICBO (ER's) and ACI (349 appendix B) that they work, and then discovering
that they are suddenly no good should strike terror into the heart of any

Are these anchors simply ticking time bombs like ACI 355 seems to conclude?
If so, where is the evidence of it? If not, why all the hurry?

Answer these questions, and I'm a happy camper (even if I have to retrofit
thousands of storage rack installations).

However, ITW, etc. has nothing to do with it. The hysteria is all my own,
with very good reason.

Peter Higgins. SE

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>If you have a problem with the lack of information from ACI and others on
the subject of ACI 355.2 then I think that you should look to ITW
Ramset/Redhead who have created an atmosphere of fear as a result of their
use of litigation to influence the standards writting process.

If the manufacturers of mechanical fasteners wish to influence our opinions
they should provide unbiased technical information in a easilly accessible
form.  So far I have seen little basic data from either side.<