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TGA Information--Structural Engineering Position

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Good morning, SEAInt members.

My name is Tommy Glover and I am a professional technical recruiter with
TGA, Inc. We specialize in positively impacting the careers of IT and
Engineering professionals by aligning very specific skill sets and
experience backgrounds with our clients' technical needs throughout the US
and abroad.  When my father started TGA over 20 years ago, we set very high
standards by only working with the most qualified and capable industry

To this end, I am interested in learning more about any member's interest in
one of our clients in the Architectural and Engineering firm arena.  They
are searching for a strong Structural Engineer who has 4-6 years experience
with varied Port or Marine structural design methods and a strong project
management background.  My client is offering a very competitive
compensation package and is one of the major leaders in their progressive
industry.  In addition, they are ready to interview and make urgent hiring
decisions very quickly for their divisional office in historic Savannah, GA.

If you would like to hear more about this opportunity, please feel free to
contact me at your leisure via the numbers listed below.  Also, you can
visit our website at for your review and future reference.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to providing any interested members
with more information in the coming days.


Tommy Glover
TGA, Inc.

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Subject:	Chicago SKYSCRAPER Cladding Problems

Attention  SEAINT  members:

I don't know how much your local media is covering the following
structural/architectural engineering story,   but we have a major problem
here in Chicago with a 70 year old skyscraper.

The terra cotta cladding is in serious disrepair and coming off the

It your are interested  in this story  PLEASE  visit the SEAOI  website

We have provided "LINKS"  to the stories that have been appearing in the
Chicago newspaper  (Chicago Tribune).

Bob  Johnson