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Can any of you  help??

Please supply Ms.  Green with Info

Please send  your comments DIRECTLY  to Ms. Green


Bob   Johnson
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Hi Bob,
I'm studying for an MSc in Occupational Safety and 
Health in the UK and I am interested in the construction 
and. especially the management of safety at height in 
the construction of skyscrapers from the early days of 
the skyscraper up to the present.  I am particularly 
interested in all skyscrapers from the Empire State 
Building to the Sears Tower.  I am interested in what the 
construction methods, timescales and costs involved 
and, if possible how many fatalities from falls or other 
reasons that there may have been.
The names of Internet Journals or websites which may 
be of use would be excellent because I am in the UK.
Thanks for your help.

>Dear  Ms  GREEN:
>Can you PLEASE   post your original  question about 
skyscrapers  and I'll try 
> and broadcast it to my contacts again.
>Bob  Johnson
>203  N. Wabash   Suite  2010
>Chicago,  IL   60601

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