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storage racks with partially restrained moment connections -

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Harold et al:
In February 2001 the Los Angeles Regional Uniform Code Program (LARUCP)
established a committee to develop a uniform building department policy for
storage racks.  On our website we will be posting the committee's work in
upcoming months.  If you would like to send comments including issues that
need addressing, the committee chair is Nick DelliQuadri, SE, City of Los
Angeles, ndelliqa(--nospam--at) .  
Rick Becker, PE
Webmaster, ICBO-LABC
Visit the LARUCP web page:

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From: "Sprague, Harold O." <SpragueHO(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: RE: storage racks with partially restrained moment connections - 

The problem is that if the facility is existing, and racks are moved,
removed, or replaced; a building permit may or may not be required.
Southern California municipalities might require inspection, but how is this
triggered, and documented for existing construction?  It is an easy trigger
for new construction, but the existing construction trigger is not clear to
me in the UBC or in the Blue Book.
What do the other Southern California jurisdictions do?  Any other building
officials out there today?

Harold O. Sprague TS13 Chair 1994-2000