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Online Publication for Download "Wood Truss Permanent Web Bracing Design"

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Wood Truss Permanent Web Bracing Design


F. E. Woeste, P. E.     C. R. Underwood       J. D. Dolan, P. E.



The number of required  continuous lateral braces (CLB’s) required for stabilizing roof truss webs can be minimized at the truss design stage.  Several ideas are presented to minimize the number of webs needed to be braced by CLB’s and companion diagonal braces.  Options to the CLB web bracing approach are presented.  A design procedure for a web braced with one CLB  and a diagonal brace at some interval is demonstrated.  For the case of one web braced by two CLB’s at the 3rd points, the required bracing force to stabilize the web is reported and a design procedure is summarized.

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