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Re: Perforated Shearwall Adjustment Factor reference

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David, contact Brad Douglas, PE at American Forest & Paper Assn./American
Wood Council. He prepared the technical paper that you referenced, and which
was published in AF&PA/AWC Technical Meeting background info a couple of
years ago. Design based on the code-recognized method, which is derived from
original formulas developed by Dr. Sugiyama, is more conservative than the
original, because of the way that dimensions of openings are taken into
account (to simplify the development of tabulated adjustment values).  His
e-mail address is Brad_Douglas(--nospam--at)
John Rose/APA (retired)

David B Merrick wrote:

> Where can I find the derivation of the values for the Perforated
> Shearwall Adjustment Factor. I had found a reference that calls out
> Douglas, Bradford K., and Sugiyama, H. 1995 Perforated Shearwall Design
> Approach. American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA), Washington, DC.
> Has anyone reviewed this approach to assure that it is truly a
> conservative approach to short-cutting the perforated shearwall
> analysis?
> David Merrick, SE
> mrkgp(--nospam--at)