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Re: damaged columns

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Temperature requirements to prevent deterioration of concrete from welding heat  are not well standardized.  In ACI 349-97, code for nuclear power plant concrete, max temperature during the short time in local area is limited 650F. Also, ACI 318, section R7.3.2 could be a reference. 
If the plate does not contact rebar, effects on concrete of the welding heat may not be significant, considering the heat conductivity of concrete.
If you can provide insulation material between plate and concrete, it would be better.

Good Luck

KIM, Young Ho  P.E
KOPEC, Korea

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Subject: damaged columns

> I have a single story industrial building with 8 inch diameter schedule 20 
> columns 21 feet high.  Many of the columns have been stuck by forklift 
> trucks and have varying degrees of damage.  Does anyone know of any 
> criteria to evaluate how much damage is acceptable before repair is 
> required?  For example, if the wall was dented reducing the diameter by 1/2 
> inch, would repair be required?
> Thanks in advance.