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Re: Metal Deck "18 GA HSB-36 Deck"?

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This is a roof deck manufactured by Verco Manufacturing Company.  Weight is
2.8 psf prime painted, 2.9 psf galvanized.

Allowable loads are listed only up to 10'-0"

Simple Span         49 psf for strength, 20 psf for live load deflection
Two Span              51 psf strength, 48 psf for live load deflection
Three or More Spans, 62 psf for strength, 37 psf for live load deflection.

The catalog I have doesn't list a phone number or address for Verco.  The
catalog I has a business card from a distributor stapled to the cover.  It
does say they have manufacturing plants located in Phoenix, AZ, Fontana and
Antioch CA to serve the Western United States.

Hope this helps.

Conrad Guymon, P.E.
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Subject: Metal Deck "18 GA HSB-36 Deck"?

> I am working for a telecom company and the company is adding some
> equipments on top of an existing steel famed building roof. I am doing the
> design check on this structure to see if it can take the additional
> I encountered this note "18 GA HSB-36 Deck" in the existing roof frame
> drawing. Anyone knows what it means? From the drawing, the deck spans
> 10'-12'. I would like to know about this deck: weight per square foot, how
> much uniform distributed load it can take. Or anyone knows where or which
> reference I can get this information.
> Thank you very much in advance!
> Melina Lin P.E.
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