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Re: Metal Deck "18 GA HSB-36 Deck"?

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I just found the addresses phone numbers that they hid from me on the
outside of the back cover.

Headquarters, PO Box 14664 Phoenix, AZ  85063  (602)272-1347.  These
catalogs are somewhat old, so I hope this information is still current.

There are other numbers for district sales offices.  Let me know if this one
doesn't work.

Conrad Guymon, P.E.
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Subject: Metal Deck "18 GA HSB-36 Deck"?

> I am working for a telecom company and the company is adding some
> equipments on top of an existing steel famed building roof. I am doing the
> design check on this structure to see if it can take the additional
> I encountered this note "18 GA HSB-36 Deck" in the existing roof frame
> drawing. Anyone knows what it means? From the drawing, the deck spans
> 10'-12'. I would like to know about this deck: weight per square foot, how
> much uniform distributed load it can take. Or anyone knows where or which
> reference I can get this information.
> Thank you very much in advance!
> Melina Lin P.E.
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