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RE: storage racks with partially restrained moment connections - wind frame analysis in high seismic zones

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With all due respect to Mr. Azzi, he's wrong, and should not be speaking
for the RMI technical committee which is chaired by Dan Clapp.

Mr. Clapp definitely knows better. I recommend you consult with him
directly and revise your drift limits. No installation in my experience
satisfies this drift limit, including my own, where I am one of the more
stringent "separatists".

I suspect he took shaker table measurements and then multiplied these by
omega. They already were ultimate drifts. Hence the huge discrepancy.

Peter Higgins, SE

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Again this is not a drift limit.  This is the amount of drift that you have
to allow for.  If it were a building it is the omega sub zero times the
calculated drift, and is more to address pounding effects.  It was
promulgated by the RMI representative Victor Azzi.

Harold O. Sprague