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Metal Deck "18 GA HSB-36 Deck" (2)

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Thanks for everyone who gives me the answer in my last enquiry.

I have another question. According to the Vertical Load Table of 18 GA HSB-36, at span 10 ft, continuous 3 or more spans, the allowable slab UDL is only 37 psf (for limit of deflection to L/240), which I guess also including the roofing and self weight in it, so the actually allowable extra loading is only 25 to 28 psf. This is very small. The roof design load for live load is normally 25 psf and snow load 25 psf. Then these two have added up to 50 psf, already overstress the roof slab. Am I right here? Or something I missed?

Thanks again for answer.

Melina Lin P.E.
SpectraSite Communications
Seattle, WA

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Subject: Re: Metal Deck "18 GA HSB-36 Deck"?
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I just found the addresses phone numbers that they hid from me on the
outside of the back cover.

Headquarters, PO Box 14664 Phoenix, AZ  85063  (602)272-1347.  These
catalogs are somewhat old, so I hope this information is still current.

There are other numbers for district sales offices.  Let me know if this one
doesn't work.

Conrad Guymon, P.E.
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Subject: Metal Deck "18 GA HSB-36 Deck"?

> I am working for a telecom company and the company is adding some
> equipments on top of an existing steel famed building roof. I am doing the
> design check on this structure to see if it can take the additional
> I encountered this note "18 GA HSB-36 Deck" in the existing roof frame
> drawing. Anyone knows what it means? From the drawing, the deck spans
> 10'-12'. I would like to know about this deck: weight per square foot, how
> much uniform distributed load it can take. Or anyone knows where or which
> reference I can get this information.
> Thank you very much in advance!
> Melina Lin P.E.
> SpectraSite Communications
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