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ACI Thread - (Lack) of response - the other story

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I've been discussing the thread with others in the last week. The one
question that keeps coming up is "Why has ACI failed to respond to specific
questions from the Professional Community?"

Speaking my opinions have prompted others to write privately accusing me of
displaying my ignorance. While I considered this a personal attack, in
retrospect I was uninformed of at least one side of the argument. The state
of being uninformed or unaware is, by definition, ignorance.

"Our" ignorance appears to be perpetuated by the actions of ITW who filed
suit against ACI and who later withdrew the suit "without prejudice". This
opens the door and allows legal action to be reinstated. The financial
threat that this imposes results in a legal "gag" that can prevent ACI from
responding publicly.

I am not responding in defense of ACI (I still wonder how the issue got this
far without the knowledge of so many who appear to be much better informed
than I) but am understanding of how a threat of legal action can result in a
lack of communication from the source who are best to defend their actions.

Dennis S. Wish, PE