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Wage Busting

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Attention  SEAINT list members:

As publicist for SEAOI   (and former advocacy chairman of NCSEA)  I continue 
to receive numerous  press releases, clippings on engineering issues from 
engineering associations  (AEA,  AIE,  NAE,  AAES, ACEC,  eWEEK, just to name 
a few) )  from around the country.

One press release  I wish to share with you since it is doubtful that an 
engineering publications or association will publish this statement  from AEA

If you wish to comment PLEASE  contact Richard TAX,  V.P.  of AEA  or send an 
e-mail message to their web address..

Sorry if you consider this an intrusion into your cyberspace but I think the 
content of the Press Release merits distribution for you to see.

Bob  Johnson


P.O. Box 820473,  Ft. Worth, Texas  76182-0473   
 E-mail: aea(--nospam--at),

For more information:  Richard F. Tax (201) 664-6954

PRESS RELEASE: March 21, 2001

Congress Involved in Wage Busting

Congress is involved in Wage Busting of American workers while recently 
seeking pay increases for themselves.  Congressional members from both 
Parties are involved in supporting wage busting of American workers by 
introducing legislation to import foreign H1-B workers.  Importing foreign 
workers by the millions for more than a decade has a negative effect on the 
income, jobs, and skill enhancement opportunities for American workers and 
their young college graduates.

Although importing foreign labor affects many different occupations, the 
American Engineering Association, Inc. is especially concerned about the 
detrimental effects on High Tech workers, the Engineering Profession and U.S. 
Engineering capabilities.

Thousands upon thousands of good technical jobs are being lost as Americans 
are laid off by an astounding number of companies.  The increased importation 
of foreign high tech workers under the H-1B visa legislation now makes no 
sense; "Except to those who benefit financially from the legislation."

Before we look off shore for foreign engineers industry should, at the very 
least, expand their selection of personnel to the pool of "Over Qualified" 
and senior more experienced American Engineers and High Tech workers cultured 
by years of experience.

It is well known that raising salaries and benefits solves teacher shortages. 
 However, since this is really a Wage Busting issue this is not a 
consideration for corporations employing large numbers of Engineers and High 
Tech personnel.  Congress has made it too easy for corporations to import 
foreign labor and this has been going on for more than two decades supported 
by one form of legislation or another.

This is clearly an issue of WAGE BUSTING, bought and paid for by Corporate 

It is well known to the Engineering Community that wages have fallen and 
wages for Contract Engineers are the same today as those paid in 1986.  It is 
also remarkable to note that although many Contract Engineers work out of 
town and must maintain 2 residences, much like Congress, engineers are not 
getting paid perdiem.  Their living expenses or perdiem are taken out of 
their base pay and this exemption is curtailed after their first year of 

Bill Reed, AEA's president said "I can understand some of our Congressional 
representatives being uninformed or not being on top of all the issues, but 
to introduce legislation based on manpower shortage fabrications and opinion 
and supporting it with the findings of NRC's biased committees is totally 
inexcusable.  Further, ignoring and disregarding factual information because 
it is in opposition to their legislation is also unacceptable."

AEA's vice president, Richard F. Tax notes; "I can cite one, well known, 
incident where the concerns of members of the Engineering Community were 
ignored and we lost seven astronauts and the space shuttle Challenger.  I 
assure you, passing legislation based on lies, fabrications and Manpower 
Shortage Propaganda will only create more problems.  Here is an opportunity 
to make corrections, put a hold on importing foreign workers, end this 
travesty and investigate this whole situation."

    AEA's Board of Directors unanimously agree that all legislation importing 
foreign Engineers and High Tech workers under the H1-B provisions be 
repealed, and in all layoffs, H1-B employees be laid off prior to U.S. 
citizen employees.