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Changes to the Structuralist.Net Discussion Topics

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A quick note: The Technical Discussions forum has been eliminated and the
topics within the forum have been moved either to the root directory (the
Index/Professional Forum ) or if the topic represented a Technical document
such as the recent Wood Truss Bracing document from Frank Woeste, PE , the
Perforated Shearwall Documents from Virginia Tech, Rho - Redundancy and
Reliability factor by Gary Searer PE - they have been relocated into a new
folder called "Technical Documents". I have also added a new folder for all
SEAOC Documents including those listed on the SEAINT website - including the
Seismology opinion statements on the Use of Cantilevered Columns to resist
shear, 1997 UBC Equation 30-7 and Drift, Diaphragm Rigidity Assumptions for
light framed wood construction and the Tilt-up wall connection to footing
position papers. There are provided as a service to SEAOC to offer greater

If you have a technical document for distribution that you wish to have
posted, please submit them with an abstract to me at admin(--nospam--at)
and I will post them to this Forum. Posted papers generally bring in some
comments or opinions which are allowed in the forum. I highly recommend
organizations who post documents to visit the forum frequently to review any
comments or replies that are posted. If you post documents yourself, you
will receive notification of all replies to your postings. However, if I
post them for you, this is not possible because of the limitations of the
BBS software that I use.

Finally, I am seeking out professionals who wish to provide contributions in
the form of a dedicated discussion forum. If you have a specific interest
that you care to share with others in the profession, I encourage you to
email your ideas to me and I will evaluate them of appropriateness on the
Structuralist.Net discussion forum. If we post your Topics, I will provide
you with a moderator status so that you can maintain your forum and oversee
the postings to your topics that originate.

One more thing. I have been asked to post documents with protection. I am
able to password protect documents to prevent downloads, modifications to
the annotations applied to PDF files, protection against copying of text and
graphics contained in the document. If you wish to include specific
protection before posting, please discuss this with me and I will do
whatever is within the power of the software to make sure your document is

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