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Re: PowerPoint presentation

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We insert our AutoCAD drawings into PowerPoint presentations by using (in PowerPoint) the "INSERT" (menu across top) - "OBJECT" (from pull-down menu).  You then would pick the "create from file" option and highlight the AutoCAD drawing and browse until you find it.  You will need to do this on a machine with PowerPoint and AutoCAD installed on it.  Once you have the drawings inserted, you do not need to run the presentation on a machine that has AutoCAD installed.
We have found that if you just copy the drawing to the clipboard and paste it into PowerPoint, you will not be able to distinguish between different lineweights.  The lineweights will all appear to be the same.
Once you have the drawing inserted, you can crop the drawing and resize it in PowerPoint.  You can also change colors on the drawing in PowerPoint also. 
If you have any questions on this, please give me a call.
Angie Baughman, E.I.T.
Central Wisconsin Engineers
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Subject: PowerPoint presentation

I have to put on a presentation to a group of teachers.  Subject is "Math and Science in Architecture."  My plan is to illustrate the various types of load carrying members, exhibit some math, maybe even simple span shear and moment diagram.  I've got plenty of building pictures, but I don't know how to do PowerPoint slides of things like AutoCAD drawings, etc.  Or is there an easier way to do graphics?
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