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RE: ACI 355.2

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I agree, and the "where are the bodies" phrase will now enter my lexicon as
the perfect descriptor of a situation such as this.

Oh well, if it were easier, it probably wouldn't be so much fun.

Peter Higgins, SE

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The sense of your message reminds me of a retired participant on the
listserver, Franklin Lew, who became famous in our archives for asking
"where are the bodies?" whenever a new procedure was proposed that didn't
make sense.
I have had similar results to yours and I've been practicing for about 31
years.  The only failures I've observed have been when the anchor wasn't
properly in the first place.  And isn't the inspector supposed to catch the
major, detrimental cracks for us before someone puts and anchor in it?  :<)
Bill Cain, S.E.<