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RE: PowerPoint presentation

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>I've got plenty of building pictures, but I don't know how
>to do PowerPoint slides of things like AutoCAD drawings, etc.  Or is there
>an easier way to do graphics?
If it were me I'd write everything off into pdf documents, print handouts 
from the pdfs and make overheads either from the handouts or the pdfs . 
It's not slick but it's effective. 

The advantage is that pdf's have the quality of Postscript output from 
any software you want to use; the disadvantage is that you'll need Adobe 
Acrobat. A computer savvy copy center like Kinko's with Photoshop can 
help making overheads directly from pdfs.

One thing I might suggest (based on experience with lawyers and juries) 
is that shear and moment diagrams might be over-reaching for someone 
without a background in strength of materials. It seems simple to us, but 
I've watched a lot of eyes glaze over while I explained a free-body 
diagram. Pictures of wreckage unglaze things real fast though ;-> 

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