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RE: Wage Busting

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I agree, all the unqualified Americans and project manager wannabees can
should work at Taco Bell or Walmart.  I hope my kids can be paint salesmen
while I pay off thier college educations.  Is there a patriot among us?

Scott M Haan  P.E.
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Development Services Department,
Municipality of Anchorage
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> Subject:	RE: Wage Busting
> We've found that the so-called "over qualified/senior" workers aren't
> interested in designing buildings.
> They want to "manage projects"; own a piece of my firm; get paid a lot of
> money and tell me how to run my business.
> American "mid-level" people aren't available....we've posted well paying
> project engineer level job opportunities
> on both the internet and in the Chicago Tribune; so we've made the jobs
> available to US engineers...the best qualified resumes we've
> gotten have been from overseas.
> In accordance with the INS H1-B visa provisions, we pay competitive
> salaries
> (frankly, much more than market rate here in Chicago)
> to those we bring in from overseas. They work very hard and have a hell of
> a
> lot less baggage.
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> Subject: RE: Wage Busting
> <<
> Before we look off shore for foreign engineers industry should, at the
> very
> least, expand their selection of personnel to the pool of "Over Qualified"
> and senior more experienced American Engineers and High Tech workers
> cultured
> by years of experience.
> >>
> So where are these people located?
> We have run employment ads for the past couple of months and have received
> very few (if any) responses.
> Because of this we are now starting to look abroad.
> I've also talked to few other people in our industry and this seems to be
> the trend.
> I might be naive, but I don't think it is so much "wage busting" as it is
> too few workers.