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Re: Wood Joist TJI/15 DF

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Check out   Go to SHORTCUTS, PRODUCT LITERATURE SEARCH, type in TJI in the keyword search section and then hit GET RESULTS. You'll get several hits. Choose one of the ones listed as #2025, United States (or Hawaii, if that's where the project is). These are .pdf files of all of Trus Joist's design guides. 

If you need any additional information or don't have web access, contact our regional engineering office in Redmond, WA at 425-869-9700. They'll be happy to fax or mail you everything you need.

All of the TJI joists are designated by new series numbers. They are now called TJI/Pro 150, 250, 350 & 550 joists. So the joist closest to the TJI/15DF would be the TJI/Pro 150. 

Mike Perakis, P.E.
Trus Joist
Great Lakes Regional Engineer

>>> mnlin99(--nospam--at) 03/22/01 12:04PM >>>
Hi, anyone who have designed wood structure knows where I can get the 
material and structural information about TJI roof joist (say: TJI/15 DF)?

Thanks a lot!

Melina Lin, P.E.
Seattle , WA

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