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RE: concrete foundation recommendation

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We have handled this problem by dowelling #4 bars into the top of the existing wall.  In typical residential construction we generally specify 4 1/4" minimum embedment into the existing concrete with Hilti HIT HY150 epoxy adhesive.  The bars usually extend 8" into the new 12" tall portion and are hooked perpendicular to the top of the wall to provide the proper development length.  The bar spacing will vary depending on the moment at the level of the interface, but many times minimum bar spacing governs.

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Subject: concrete foundation recommendation

Does anyone have suggestions or solutions to correct this problem?  A
residential poured concrete foundation was to be 9 feet height and the mason
poured only an 8 foot height foundation wall. The owners want 9 feet so the
mason is going to pour a one foot height section on top. Any suggestions on
bonding the two concrete sections together. Has anyone else ever encountered


John G.