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Concrete: Shrinkage limit of .048?

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Here is one reference that I found.  Caltrans Standard Specification:
90-2.01 Portland Cement

"Mortar, containing the portland cement to be used and Ottawa sand, when
tested in conformance with the requirements in California Test 527, shall
not expand in water more than 0.010 percent and shall not contract in air
more than 0.048 percent except that when portand cement is to be used for
precast prestressed concrete piling, precast prestressed concrete members
or steam cure concrete product, the mortar shall not contract in air more
than 0.053 percent."

Better watch out that I did not make any typos.  The full specification
should be available for download at

Stan Johnson

> Our specifications call for shrinkage of concrete to not exceed .048% at
> days.  We have a project for which the supplier is saying he cannot meet
> that requirement because of the locally available aggregate-he is saying
> will get .065%.  The supplier and the project are located at an elevation
> about 6000 feet, so the cost to import the required aggregate is
> substantial.  The concrete is 3000 psi, subjected to potential freeze
> conditions at the perimeter of the buildings.

> I have been unable to locate the source of that shrinkage requirement, or
> any recommendations as to what is acceptable.   If anyone has any
> information or suggestions we would greatly appreciate your imput.

> Joyce Fuss
> Structural Engineer
> Lionakis Beaumont Design Group
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