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RE: storage racks with partially restrained moment connections - wind frame analysis in high seismic zones

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] "They want to "manage projects"; own a piece of my firm; get paid a lot of money and tell me how to run my business."

So you don't want a bunch of people who want to have respondsibility for their own work, to share in the profits generated from their efforts, or take an interest in the business they work for? You'd rather find equally people qualified who will do what they are told, are content to work for you as your subordinates and not your equals, and not try to improve the company but accept their lot in life. And, you want to bring these people in from elsewhere so you can avoid dealing with ambitious hard working locals. What part of this isn't wage busting? Isn't a desire to keep your workers down by bringing in others from elsewhere who you can give much less the heart and soul of the wage busting concept? I am personally in favor of these visas, but after reading your position I may have to rethink it.


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