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RE: Live Chat with Seismology Chair

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May I make a suggestion:
I visited the website to read the transcript of the online chat with S K Ghosh and Susan Dowty regarding the IBC 2000 and Prof. Ghosh's experience in India.
The transcript was difficult to follow and specific questions could either not be adequately written or interpreted to provide a sufficient response. I found the idea fascinating, but became quickly disinterested because the format of an online chat requires the reader to keep track of conversations out of order. In other words, as one person is asking a question, five more questions may be received or commentary by the host posted before even one response is given. Trying the create a continuity in this type of a discussion is most difficult to follow - especially in retrospect.
It would seem much more beneficial to present specific questions submitted prior to the meeting for the speaker to respond to and then for the speaker to post a written response before the start of the chat which would then only require those who submitted the questions to seek additional interpretation from the speaker to help clear up any misinterpretation.
There did not appear to be much "meat" in the chat session.
As an alternative, an online discussion format - a bulletin board format that can remain on the seaint server as compared to a real-time Listservice discussion is, in my opinion, much more appropriate for this type of question and answer period. This way the question is clearly posed - using graphics where necessary, and the respondent can take the appropriate time needed to respond rather than try to summarize in a one or two sentences as Susan and S.K. were instructed to do at the beginning of the discussion. The advantages are obvious. Those who are not participating still have the benefit of the thread to help with issues that they are concerned with.
While I understand that this creates more work for SEAINT, I am willing to offer the Structuralist.Net Bulletin Board Discussion Forum to SEAINT as it is already set up for bulletin board discussion in a friendly format that allows for use of graphics or attachments of documents for support. I am willing to have Shafat or anyone he chooses to Moderate the discussion forum and will provide authority to anyone within SEA who wishes to do this. I intend to offer this to compliment SEAINT's services rather than as a replacement inasmuch as the information can be easily linked from the SEAINT or SEAOC web services. If you are interested, please let me know and I will set up a dedicated forum for each event and you may post as many questions freely to it and the guests can respond at their leisure to each of the questions and continue the discussion for as long as they desire.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
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The next live chat on our web site on Friday April 6, 2001 at 11:00 AM with Douglas C. Hohbach, chair SEAOC Seismology Committee.

Please plan to join us in our chat room. I have a ton of questions to ask. I am sure you have too. Some topics of discussion are:

1. What is next after Seismic Design Manual
2. Rigid Diaphragm Analysis for custom homes?
3. Use of Cantilever columns and impact on R values
4. Why do keep changing seismic design equations so often?
5. Can List members participate in reviewing drafts prepared by Seismology committee?

Please plan to visit us in our chat room on Friday April 6. Chat room address is:

Thank you
Shafat Qazi, P.E.