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RE: W8 Reinforcement

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Deflection will be a critical factor with this application.  Once you
identify what is allowable, then we can look at some possible means of
reinforcement.  Are you limited to the depth of the W8x24?  If so, can the
reinforcement extend above the upper flange of the W8x24?
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Hello all;

I have a W8 x 24 that is intended to carry a 10" water line for fire
protection.  The problem is the beam is spanning 60 feet!  After hearing
this from the contractor I told him there was no chance that the beam
would work (he called me as the Fire Protection contractor was about to
start hanging the pipe).  What I am trying to do is determine how it can
be reinforced (not necessarily in place) to support the load.  The
building is a Metal Building and the top flange of the beam will not be
braced.  Any ideas?