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Re: W8 Reinforcement

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I see two possibilities

1.)	Turn the W8 on its side and use it as a catenary.  Expect high
anchor forces; or put it below the pipe and connect the two to use the
pipe to take the anchor forces.

2.)	Connect it to the pipe with stubs to make a truss or Vierendeel
girder using the pipe as one chord.

	What about lateral forces?

	If you do decide to take it down to reinforce it you should probably
change it for the right size beam.

	Good luck.


				H. Daryl Richardson

Michael Zaitz wrote:
> Hello all;
> I have a W8 x 24 that is intended to carry a 10" water line for fire
> protection.  The problem is the beam is spanning 60 feet!  After hearing
> this from the contractor I told him there was no chance that the beam
> would work (he called me as the Fire Protection contractor was about to
> start hanging the pipe).  What I am trying to do is determine how it can
> be reinforced (not necessarily in place) to support the load.  The
> building is a Metal Building and the top flange of the beam will not be
> braced.  Any ideas?
> Mike