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I am pleased to offer a link on the Software Productivity Tools Forum (on the Professional Discussion Forum) for a set of 22 templates from the American Iron and Steel Institutes Steel Works website. The templates require Mathcad version 7 or later or Mathcad Explorer which is available free for download from the Mathcad website at
If you are unable to use the above link (it is being sent in HTML format) you can find the forum by starting at the Discussion Forum located at:
Click on the link Professional Forum and then again on the Software Productivity Forum. Here you will see another folder for Mathcad templates. The notice with appropriate links is located in the Mathcad Templates forum.
The free templates include the following:
  • Gross Section Properties for Channel and Hat Sections (Design Manual Part I)
  • Gross Section Properties for Zee Section (Design Manual Part I)
  • Effective Area for Channel, Zee and Hat Sections (Chapter B)
  • Channel and Zee Effective Section Modulus about x-Axis (Chapter B)
  • Channel and Hat Effective Section Modulus about y-Axis (Chapter B)
  • Beam Lateral Buckling Strength for Bending about x-Axis (Section C3.1.2)
  • Lateral Buckling Strength for Bending about Nonsymmetric Axis (Section C3.1.2)
  • Shear Strength for Stiffened Web (Section C3.2)
  • Web Crippling Strength (Section C3.4)
  • Strength of Concentrically Loaded Compression Members (Section C4)
  • Combined Compression and Bending (Section C5.2)
  • Strength Calculation of Cylindrical Tubular Members (Section C6)
  • Brace Force Required for C- and Z-Sections (Section D3.2.1)
  • Groove Welds in Butt Joints (Section E2.1)
  • Arc Spot Welds (Section E2.2)
  • Arc Seam Welds (Section E2.3)
  • Fillet Welds (Section E2.4)
  • Flare Groove Welds (Section E2.5)
  • Resistance Welds (Section E2.6)
  • Bolted Connection Check (Section E3)
  • Screw Connection Strength (Section E4)
  • Shear Rupture (Section E5)
There are other useful resources for CFS on the Steel Works website located at AISI has made a lot of their documents available to the professional community for free downloads. Other design documents are reasonably priced. While I have been an advocate for affordable publications, AISI is one organization that keeps this in mind and provides excellent resources to the professional community for very low or no cost. They are to be congratulated for their fine website and support of the industry.

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