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RE: W8 Reinforcement

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Use the Pipe!
AWWA M11 table 7-1 Practical safe spans for simply supported pipe in 120
degree contact saddles,  allows a 24 in diameter pipe, 1/2" wall will span
60 feet;  18" dia. x3/8 will span 52 feet;  and a 10" dia. pipe x 5/16 wall
will span 46 feet.

Until you get the stiffness of the beam up the pipe will support the W8

Dan Novak

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Subject: W8 Reinforcement

Hello all;

I have a W8 x 24 that is intended to carry a 10" water line for fire
protection.  The problem is the beam is spanning 60 feet!  After hearing
this from the contractor I told him there was no chance that the beam
would work (he called me as the Fire Protection contractor was about to
start hanging the pipe).  What I am trying to do is determine how it can
be reinforced (not necessarily in place) to support the load.  The
building is a Metal Building and the top flange of the beam will not be
braced.  Any ideas?