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PowerPoint presentation

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I do this all the time.  It's just a Copy and Paste procedure, with some few tricks to get exactly the image you want.  ok, here's the step by step procedure: (i've only done this in ACAD14)

1.  here's the Copy part.  run ACAD and load your DWG file.

2.  change the background of your ACAD window to the color you want when you paste it in Powerpoint.  if you leave the background Black, when you paste it in Powerpoint, you will end up with a drawing with a black background.  this is ok if your Powerpoint slides' background is black, 

3.  zoom in/out to exactly how you want your ACAD drawing to appear when you paste it into Powerpoint.  if you have a tiny drawing in the middle of the screen when you copy in ACAD, you will get the exact same picture when you paste into Powerpoint.  use the restore icon (the icon between the minimize and close button) to resize the ACAD window.

4.  when you have your picture "framed", use COPYCLIP and select your picture.  steps 2 and 3 are important because when you COPYCLIP, now matter how you pick your objects, ACAD will always copy the entire window.

5.  now here's the Paste part.  run Powerpoint.

6.  in the EDIT command, use PASTE SPECIAL and paste your picture by selecting Picture, and voila!  you have your slide!  you can resize the pasted picture by clicking on the object handles.

you might have to do some experimenting in ACAD, specifically steps 2 and 3, to get the exact image you want, but when you get used to it, it's so easy and you won't need any capture programs.  use colors in ACAD to color your drawings so they will show up in Powerpoint better.  lineweights have no effect in pictures you paste in Powerpoint.

if you have any problems, e-mail me at asrivera(--nospam--at)

good luck!


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>> I have to put on a presentation to a group of teachers.  Subject is "Math
>> and Science in Architecture."  My plan is to illustrate the various types
>> of load carrying members, exhibit some math, maybe even simple span shear
>> and moment diagram.  I've got plenty of building pictures, but I don't
>> know how to do PowerPoint slides of things like AutoCAD drawings, etc.  Or
>> is there an easier way to do graphics?
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