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Re: Wage Busting

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'Sorry David but, "That old dog won't hunt."  You may be able to convince
(or otherwise induce) your Congressman, but I've been out here too long and
seen too much to buy what you're selling.

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> Subject: RE: Wage Busting
> Date: Thursday, March 22, 2001 3:56 PM
> Once again, they do NOT work for less...
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> Subject: RE: Wage Busting
> Scott,
> The way the law is worded, an employer must be willing to pay the
> professional with an H-1b temporary visa the same compensation that is
> to any permanent employee in the firm. In other words, the law is written
> with the intention of preventing a wage decrease.
> However, this may not be realistic as the employer can advertise for the
> professional based on never having hired for a similar position before
> may be allowed to advertise the wage at an unreasonably low price.
> Again, my point is to rid the industry of abuse of the law rather than to
> assume the intent was other than honorable to begin with.
> Dennis S. Wish, PE