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RE: Wage Busting

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Excellent reply!!!!!

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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> Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 3:46 PM
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> Subject: RE: Wage Busting
> "Once again, they do NOT work for less..."
> "They (U.S. workers) want to "manage projects"; own a piece of my
> firm; get
> paid a lot of money and tell me how to run my business."
> It certainly appears that you want to give them less, even if the base
> salary that you are offering is similar.  You have indicated that you are
> not interested in offering a comparable level of advancement potential,
> respect, or respondsibility to your foreign workers.  Even with that, I
> still wonder why you threw in the idea above that U.S. workers
> want to get
> paid a lot of money if that is not at least part of the issue.
> When you say
> they (foreign workers) do NOT work for less, do you mean less
> than the U.S.
> workers ask or less than you would in find reasonable?  There is a
> difference, and the above quote makes me wonder which you are thinking of.
> "we've posted well paying project engineer level job
> opportunities on both
> the internet and in the Chicago Tribune; so we've made the jobs
> available to
> US engineers...the best qualified resumes we've gotten have been from
> overseas."
> This is a public forum, and if someone hears a company owner
> griping about
> how U.S. worker want advancement potential, personal respondsibility, and
> good pay (what talented professional doesn't want those things) it could
> certainly affect their interesting in responding to ads.  You
> might want to
> keep that in mind before griping too much about U.S. workers on this
> listserve.  The best, most experienced engineers in their field
> will always
> move to those jobs where they feel they have a chance at
> management, profit
> sharing, and high pay; all the things that you indicate upset you about
> them.  If you are unwilling to offer these benefit and seek foreign
> engineers to avoid it, how is that not wage busting?
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