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RE: Engineering Question

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What is resisting shear in the other direction - parallel to the 60' walls?
The aspect ratio of the building is not bad to distribute shear to the exterior walls but there are many more issues to consider such as soil conditions, wind load, snow loading, aspect ratio of shearwalls in each direction etc. It would be difficult to answer your question with such little information given.
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Subject: Engineering Question

Fellow Engineers:

I have a building in Long Island, NY.

Height=28' (T.O. Roof)
48' Long SHEAR Walls at both ends
Steel Columns W8X31 at 12' OC with WF Spandrel Beams all around
Flat Roof with 20 Gage "B" Deck supported on 48' Long 30K11 Joists at 6' OC.

Is this a good structure considering WIND LOADS?  
How can we increase rigidity of frame, if needed?