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Television program on vibration

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A while back, I inquired about a television program on vibration that I saw.
I did not know how to get a copy of the tape.  I received many suggestions,
but I finally saw it again on television.

The program was developed by Cal Tech in 1985.  It was called the
"Mechanical Universe", and had 2 parts.  One was "Resonance" the other was

It has a very good presentation on vortex shedding, the Aeolian harp, and

It can be ordered from the Annenberg / CPB Channel at 1-800-532-7637.  You
can see when it will broadcast again at the Annenberg web site:

It looks like the "Mechanical Universe" will not air again until this
August.  You can order just this section for $43.95, but you have to call
the 800 number to do it.  You can't get it from the web.

You can check out their entire broadcast schedule at:

I would highly recommend this to educators, staff training, or just for the
PDH's.  They also have a great presentation on statistics.

Harold O. Sprague