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I believe that we are up and running once again on the AEC-Residential and
SE-Practice Listservices that Bill Polhemus has created. As I mentioned in
my last letter, Bill and his wife have moved into a new residence in Katy
Texas (you're all expected at their door with housewarming gifts) and Bill
was caught in Limbo as his DSL service messed up the order and sent his
modem to another homeowner. In this case, Push could not come to Shove and
Bill had to twiddle his thumbs waiting patiently for his DSL service
provider to come through.
It appears that it has, and it appears that Bill is, so we all are - back on
the line again.

Second, I need some help. One of the visitors to the Structuralist.Net
webservices informed me of a problem that he was having trying to use the
Jump-menu's to access the reference information that I have listed under the
Professional Portal webpage. The Jump-menus are written in JavaScript using
a proprietary software called J-Bots which I purchased. I know of no known
incompatibilities except with some of the newer high security programs that
prevent pop-up browser windows or Java based advertising banners.

If you are experiencing problems in your visit to the Structuralist.Net
website or discussion forum I would appreciate it if you would take the time
to e-mail me and let me know. Please include the type of browser and the
version that you are using when you notice problems. Also let me know if you
are on a network with a firewall (although this should not matter since we
don't collect information i.e.., cookies) and any Internet protection
software such as Ad-aware or Webwasher. This will help me improve upon the
site and correct those incompatibilities that exist.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
AEC-Residential Listservice
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