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RE: Wage Busting

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Again speaking for all the isolationist xenophobes out there, why can't
local people fill these jobs?  One of my best buddies was a political refuge
from Hungary so I do not have anything about people coming to America to get
away from tyranny, but it is absolutely crazy to lose the local technical
edge when people here are working at Walmart.  If there is a demand for
technical people, then people will go to school, get the work experience and
fill the job's here.  Is this going to be a generational thing where we
bring in skilled people, thier kids work at Burger King and then we bring in
new skilled people?

I am still going fishing after I get out of my sensitivity training this

Scott M Haan  P.E.
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Development Services Department,
Municipality of Anchorage
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> At  the present time some programming and steel detailing is done
> overseas.   
> Why not bring some overseas professionals here and keep the work here.  If
> not then in the future we will be twilling our thumbs while all the work
> is 
> donr overseas. 
> Dory