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RE: Wage Busting

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This is an excellent point and one in which I agree. If the choice is bring qualified professionals on Temporary Visa's to the US so as to prevent the business from leaving the US to seek opportunities elsewhere.  There are some problems with the argument though.
First, most companies leave the US to seek cheaper labor and materials or to establish manufacturing without the strict controls, taxation and other high costs of manufacturing in the US. There is no incentive to hire an H-1B employee if you conform to the rules and hire for the same wages and benefits that you pay a comparable US Citizen.
Second, the only way this can work is if you provide a service that is doing well but can not continue to profit without qualified professional employees who are not available to you. Then you seek H-1B as a temporary measure to build your support until such time as the balance changes and permanent employees can be found in the states.
Glitch: You can, conceivably, invest in a part-time H-1B employee at full pay while you seek out permanent professionals who are willing to work for less. At this time, you can release your H-1B employee and hire a permanent employee to work for less.
Lots of problems with this program. For any good it can do, it seems rather easy to twist it around so as to ultimately take advantage of local labor.  For example, if you use the H-1B program as I just mentioned, you can afford to keep your office in the US, and you force wages down at the same time. While you legally comply with H-1B, you use the waiting period of 6-years to see how the economic climate changes in order to seek permanent professionals for less money.
At some point something will give. Most likely, new hires who are not part of the H-1B program will have to compete for the job by accepting less wages.
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At  the present time some programming and steel detailing is done overseas.  
Why not bring some overseas professionals here and keep the work here.  If
not then in the future we will be twilling our thumbs while all the work is
donr overseas.