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RE: Wage Busting

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You still don't know what you are talking about....

We have filed all the necessary paperwork with INS.
We retained (I'm told) the best immigration law firm
in the Chicago area; the application was processed in 60 days.

The associates who have firm ownership were willing to join me three years
when I was only working out of the basement of my home; thereby showing the
required "guts" I was looking for...
So the "contradictions" you raise do not exist.

Now that we are "established", we are now being deluged with requests for
(by both experienced US and foreign engineers as well as graduates from all
over the country)

WAIT!!! Before you write another email...we have hired 6 SE new graduates
(US citizens) to start in
May/June of this year and added two mid-level experienced engineers (also US

Its easy to make the jump when the new firm is sucessful....then everyone
wants to pile on.
Its happening a lot in Chicago.

As far as the "management" issue goes...I need experienced staff for project
engineer level positions.

overall management of the firm I can handle...

I need to get back to work.

Have a good weekend!

David L. Fisher, SE,PE
Senior Principal
Fisher+Horos Structural Engineers
372 West Ontario
Chicago, Illinois 60610

312.573.1726 fax