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RE: Wage Busting

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The associates who have firm ownership were willing to join me three years
when I was only working out of the basement of my home; thereby showing the
required "guts" I was looking for...
So the "contradictions" you raise do not exist.

Although I can certainly understand your situation, if you want engineers to come in with the understanding that they are excluded from rising within the firm because they were not in on the ground floor, then you will never be able to recruit the best engineers. If you are able to find any at all, probably young ones, the best you can hope for is that they will stay a few years while they build experience and network, and ultimately move to a firm where they can move up, or start their own. Why would you expect other talented individuals to settle for less than those you now associate with? The quality ones who cannot find a home within your firm will surely end up as your competitors. I know several firms that are now in close competition with firms that need never have been created, or need never had gotten key employees, if the original firm had more potential for advancement. But coming full circle, you said you don't want people who want opportunities and advancement, then you said it isn't wage busting and that you do offer many opportunities and advancement to your employees, but now you say advancement is only for those who were with you from the beginning, and you now seek people who will work without potential for advancement. And, you are interested in bringing in people so you don't have to offer anything to the locals. So again, what part of it isn't wage busting?


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