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Fw: Jobs, Low wages, lost careers

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I forgot to sign, and expose my conspiracy-theorist tendencies.

Thor A Tandy P.Eng
Victoria BC
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Subject: Re: Jobs, Low wages, lost careers

The "Fed" is not interested in "changing" things.  It is only interested in ensuring that its flow of revenue, ie your taxes, doesn't wane below its "business" plan!  The man on the street is in awe of the Fed: instead he should be treating it with repugnance, and striving to release the burden of its demands on the US, by getting rid of personal and corporate debt.  Only then will the "Fed" have no impact on your, and our, lives.  Everything the Fed does will wash down to you and the world somewhere, some time. 
Who, or what, is this "Federal Reserve"?  Its certainly not a charity!  And it certainly got its hands around your throats very successfully in 1913.  And that's why we all ask, "How high?", when Greenspan utters.
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Subject: RE: Jobs, Low wages, lost careers

With respect, the forwarded article is subjective B.S.

For one thing, the info is obviously outdated (as is the case with most of
the dreck floating around the 'net disguised as "wake up calls").

The Fed has lowered interest rates THREE TIMES in the last few months, and
it has had no effect on anything, because the Fed really DOESN'T have much
effect on anything one way or another anyway! (In contrast with the
conspiracy-theory blather in the forwarded note).

The problems with the economy are by no means widespread (we haven't felt it
at all here in Houston, unless you're heavily involved in stock market
speculation which the great majority of folks aren't) but when "stuff
happens" in the media centers, meaning New York and L.A., it takes on
larger-than-life dimensions.

And the REAL problem is we've just been through eight years of living high
on the hog with no preparation for the future. The Clinton administration
had NO coherent energy policy, NO coherent trade policy, and NO concern
about anything save looking good in the here and now (that is, in the "there
and then").

Taxes are sky-high; the composite tax rate is higher than it has been in
history. Taxes need to be cut, we need to unleash the power of the system
that Ronald Reagan did in the 1980s, which was the CAUSE of the great
economic expansion we just went through.

Time for a new lease on life, and fortunately we now have a government that
just might give it to us.

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