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RE: H-1b and Engineering Societies

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FYI:	yes, I do get SE magazine...i read their articles...
	It appeared that they were "for the issue"

Yes, I am a member of SEAOI.

as I have previously indicated...only one of my 20 curreent employees is an
H1-B visa

"where were all the qualified SE's who were "dying for work and waiting
tables" when I posted the
position in question on and in the Chicago Tribune?"

By the way:

I am adding 5 new US grads plus 2 interns (US) this spring, so the
percentage will be less than 2%!!

With all due respect, we are now in a global economy...I do work all over
the world...I need staff
that are familiar with the local practices in foreign countries and can
speak the language.

it seems to me that NAFTA is a much greater threat to the average american
worker than an H1-B visa.

As far as the letters on the "shame H1-B visa" site...those are tragic
But, I am a staunch believer in the axiom: If you don't like your lot in
life...change it!"

Thats what I've always done....

When SOM was laying architects and engineers off (200-300 a week) in the
late 80's, instead of sitting there whining
and feeling sorry for myself; i took action!!...the writing was on the

many others waited for the ax to fall....some fell into deep depression!

That sort of treatment of the personnel in the A/E field had nothing to do
with H1-B visas!

David L. Fisher, SE, PE
Senior Principal
Fisher+Horos Structural Engineers
372 West Ontario
Chicago, Illinois