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Re: Berkeley Panelized Roof System

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Thanks, John.

I will contact APA help.

Right now, I don't know what information that I need because I don't know 
anything about the Berkeley Panelized Roof System.  I sorta feel like the guy 
that was in my boot camp company when we had our swimming test.  He jumped in 
the deep end of the pool and went straight to the bottom.  When he was pulled 
out, he was asked why he didn't say he couldn't swim.  He replied, "I didn't 
know --- I never tried it before."


Roger Turk

John Rose wrote:

. > Roger, depending on what kind of info you need, there is a file of
. > historical information in APA archives files. Contact APA Help Desk,
. >
. > John Rose/APA (retired)

. > Roger Turk wrote:

. > > Colleagues,
. > >
. > > I am looking for information on Berkeley panelized roof systems of 1980
. > > circa.
. > >
. > > Any help would be greatly appreciated.
. > >
. > > A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
. > > Tucson, Arizona