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Exploited H1b worker

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I read a recent article on H1B visa workers on Structural Engineer. I would like to add the following to your record.

I am a civil engineer working in a Stuctural Engineering Company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Simply because I am on H1B visa, my salary is 30+% less than the market salary, and virtually no benefits. My H1B period is running out and my Green Card application is pending with the US immigration for more than 2 years - therefore I can not change my job - therefore I am being exploited. If I change my job, the whole current Green Card process will become invalid.

Rather than blaming my employer altogether, I would blame the current immigration regulations which allow unscrupulous employers to exploit H1B workers.

Please note that H1b workers are sponsored by a particular employer. Once a H1b worker loses his/her job and can not find another job in 10 days, he/she has to leave the country immediately.

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