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Re: Exploited H1b worker

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>Rather than blaming my employer altogether, I would blame the current 
>immigration regulations which allow unscrupulous employers to exploit H1B 
You're being very generous. Who do you think paid a fat campaign 
contribution so the law would be written that way?  Your employer leases 
someone in congress and gets a law that lets him hire offshore workers 
and not pay prevailing wages. After the economy slows down because people 
making minimum wages won't buy his product, he renews the lease and 
congress passes a another bill giving the guy a tax break because he's 
not making as much money as he wants. 

Some people think free markets mean nothing more than screwing their 
competition or their work force in accordance with law. If the law were 
amended to make the employer hire at the prevailing US wage rate, it'd 
still be composting in someone's in-basket somewhere, because the 
schlockmeisters wouldn't be interested. 

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