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RE: storage racks with partially restrained moment connections - wind frame analysis in high seismic zones

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The fact is, we haven't found danger in properly designed racks. We just
got finished with shaking home center type racks at UCSD. They performed
better than the buildings surrounding them. What more do you need? The
danger is in the improperly designed ones which were built in violation of
the codes we have.

You are making the same association that many do. Badly designed racks
which never met code perform poorly (one of them just brought down a
building in Seattle this weekend, by the way). However, that is no
reflection on those which satisfy code.

Just because they're "strange" and have very unusual dynamic
characteristics is no reason to condemn them. People distrusted a lot of
new structures until they were proven in practice. They've been around 40+
years now, and the good ones have done well.

You shouldn't tar all designs with the same brush, just because a few bad
ones fell down. It's called stereotyping, and doesn't do anyone any good.
And speaking of "denial", wander on out to your local warehousing district,
and survey the racks. Then go back and research the permits. If more than 1
in three have permits and engineering, let me know. I'll arrange for dinner
at your favorite restaurant as a reward. I don't expect anything in return,
for this is a true suckers bet.


Peter Higgins.

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Where are the bodies? Where are the bodies? Where are the bodies?   I
believe that wholesale retail warehouses have been going up for how long
in high seismic zones?  They are dangerous in high seismic zones.  It
to me like your committee is on the right track.

I heard that in some other countries bridge designers have to stand under
thier bridges when the traffic starts.  Why not include a new code
requirement to have rack designers stand next to thier racks in


Scott M Haan  P.E.<