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RE: Seismic Design: Fresno CA

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I did a post office there a few years back, but can't remember what zone I
The city building department will tell you what zone to design for.

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Subject: Seismic Design: Fresno CA

	Dear fellow engineers, 

	Has anyone done any structural work in Fresno area recently? What
seismic zone, fault lines do they have? 

	Somehow there is a big blank area on the California's Maps of Known
Active Fault and Near-Source Zones. I almost think that there must be a
reason the ICBO leaves it uncovered, and I hope it was not due to economic
restrains. Can anyone enlighten me?

	I posted questions on SAFE vs. STADD few months ago, and got most
favorite replies for SAFE. We went ahead purchased SAFE, it's been working
fine. Thanks for all the input.

	Larry Lao