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RE: Exploited H1b worker

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>The law does require a prevailing wage or higher, but the problem
>is that there is no gauge of prevailing wages in most engineering positions
Employers know what they pay their engineers, and unless they're 
abysmally stupid they know what their engineering work is worth. And 
there are salary surveys around to provide a check on this info. At the 
risk of sounding a teench cynical, the 'no prevailing wage' argument is 
the wage buster's excuse for lowballing. That law wouldn't have been 
passed if there weren't plenty of wiggle room over wages.

I hasten to add that not every employer is a wage buster. My son works 
for a software developer who has an office in India, and he tells me 
these guys get paid pretty much what they'd get here in the states. 

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